What is Vaunter?

Vaunter is an entertainment and culture website. You can view it online: https://vaunter.co.

What does that even mean?

You know when you find the dark web of Youtube during an all-nighter? We’re looking at you ‘The entire Bee Movie but every time they say bee it gets faster‘.

Vaunter came about because of that. Our founders were trying to cheat at Scrabble (it’s a 60-point word, by the way). “To vaunt” means “boast about or praise”.

In our respect, it means that we get to share with you things we’re critical of, whether it’s new music, films, fashion, tech, or anything else that catches our eye. We presume you will enjoy as well.

Where is the office?

We wished we were fancy and had an office. Most of the team operate out their own bedroom in New York City, but we do have writers all over the country. Do you want to join the club? Visit our contact page.

Could you review my record/movie/book/art show?

We can try. We will be honest though, we get far too many messages. We try to review every item that lands in our mailbox, but certainly cannot guarantee it. Feel free to submit your material.

You interviewed my favorite musician/director/actor. Can you put me in touch with him/her?

Sadly, we are not a dating agency or a social network. We have to respect of all information received from our interview subjects. You imagine how you would feel if we gave some of your exes your personal details.

Why does the comment section work for me?

If your Disqus account is acting up, you should visit their Knowledge Base page. If that fails, contact them via email or on Twitter.

Vaunter may ban a user account or block certain IP addresses due to consistent trolling, abuse of staff or other users, or spam. Disqus may also auto-ban an account if it misidentifies the user as a spammer; this often occurs if comments have been cut-and-pasted or posts have been submitted in short succession.

Why do you delete comments?

We pride ourselves on building a community.

As a result, we try to prevent most of the following:

  • Aggressive attacks on our staff, other commentators, or our interview/review subjects
  • Offensive commentary on interview/review subjects.
  • Racist, homophobic, or sexist remarks. Stop being so ignorant.
  • Blatant trolling.
  • Blatant “plugs”.

To keep it simple: Be nice.

Why can I not comment on certain posts?

There could be a couple of reasons:

  • There is a website bug preventing it from loading. Please let us know.
  • You are on a “sponsored post” article.

What is a “sponsored post” article?

We wish we were able to fund this entire website out of our back pocket, but we are not within the 1%. In order for Vaunter to survive, we have advertisers that to want (read: demand) us to write content about their brand in exchange for a monetary value.

We promise not to fool you into reading sponsored content without forewarning you. From time to time, we may have an advertiser sponsor entire section or series.

Whatever the sponsorship, advertisers do not get any editorial input on these packages.

Who is behind Vaunter?

Meet the team.

I still have more questions…

How? Feel free to let us know on our contact page.