About Me


It always feels really formal having to address who you are to people over the internet, but given that you have stumbled onto my blog, hello, I’m Lewis.

This site came about a few years ago with the idealisms that a few friends and I would share things that mattered to us: music, film, art, etc., with the view that maybe some people out there would be interested in what we had to say. That Is also how we came up with the name, Vaunter, which means “to speak or write about in a strongly positive way; praise or boast about”.

Sadly, like all things, life began to catch up with us all and inputting a lot of our spare time into this was a million times harder as we evolved within our full-time jobs. And, like all good things, I didn’t want to see this just become another sad story of how a web page joined the internet graveyard.

After a lot of travelling, taking photos, and embracing the cultures that I experienced, I wanted to share these with people – most likely family members to save me from the WhatsApp messages asking where I am – to hopefully inspire and help you plan for any of your forthcoming trips that I may have already been to. It will also just give me the chance to escape the day-to-day grind by revealing way top much about my social life.

Feel free to contact me on social media or with in the comments on the articles, it would be great to hear about other people’s tips and tricks too.




You should also check out my friend’s blog for incredible story telling (she’s a lot funnier than I am): https://www.mystupidtravelblog.com/

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