Shia LaBeouf has been arrested at the scene of the LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner art installation ‘He Will Not Divide Us’, following an altercation with a 4CHAN troll was caught on the permanent live stream.

An unofficial Twitter account providing updates on the HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US performance alleges that the police arrived following an altercation with a man who approached Shia LaBeouf and said, “Hitler did nothing wrong”. The artist and actor immediately shoved the man and walked away. The unnamed man shouted back, “Hey, why did he attack me?”

“Hitler did nothing wrong” is a “troll phrase” often found within popular image bulletin site, 4CHAN. The anti-semitic remark, which sparked a surprisingly controlled, but well deserved, reaction from LaBeouf, comes days after the Hollywood star was seen shouting at a Neo-Nazi protestor. Earlier in the week, LaBeouf chanted “He will not divide us” in the face of a man in a Nazi cap who said white supremacist slogans on the live stream.

Jaden Smith, who joined the performance briefly last week, tweeted in support of LaBeouf as well as many others uniting to encourage #FreeShia trended on Twitter.

Thankfully, footage has shown LaBeouf has now been released by the police and has returned to the site, at Museum of the Moving Image. No confirmation so far on whether there were any charges filed against him.

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