The 5 Must-See Places in Bratislava

Home to a famed old town and thriving party scene, Bratislava is becoming the next European hotspot for international tourists. But what is there to see?

From the tourist-heavy Old Town to the green grass of the countryside, Bratislava has enough to see to keep you busy for a long weekend of travelling. Here is my top 5 things you should see:


Bratislava Castle

A view of Bratislava Castle, Slovakia.

There would be a significant level of ignorance as a tourist if you somehow missed the ever-present Bratislava Castle that is situated on the edge of Old Town. With origins dating back to as early as the 9th Century, the Castle has seen its fair share of history and from 1953-1964 required a complete renovation. The building’s stunning architecture overshadows the skyline of the city with its bright orange rooftops and crystal white walls. The rose gardens has the perfect spot for you to relax, after walking up the hill, and admire the Bratislava landscape.


Slavin Statue


At the top of the Bratislava north-side, this Slavin Statue stands tall as it overlooks the city. The memorial monument is a symbol of the military cemetery, with it being the burial ground of thousands of Soviet Army soldiers who fell during World War II. For those fancying a challenge, it takes around 30minutes to walk up to its location from the Old Town but be sure not to be carrying or wearing too much (like I did) because you may end up being a sweaty mess in those, respectful, perfect picture opportunities. For the more sensible people (not me), you can get a bus and it’ll only set you back a €1 or so.


Michael’s Gate (Michalska Veza)


Embedded within Old Town, this old entrance served as the fortification and passage right between outsiders and the 16th-Century Bratislavan community. There’s also a great, modern, compass now buried into the footpath to remind you how many miles you’ve had to travel to get here.


UFO Bridge & Tower

A view of Bratislava’s UFO Tower and Most SNP.

Situated at the end of Most SNP, Europe’s largest suspension bridge, UFO Observation Deck gives you the perfect chance for a 360-view of the city. There is also a restaurant at the top, which gives you free access to the observation deck, but the price of the meal will set you back a bit in comparison to other places.


Devin Castle

Situated a short 2km bus ride outside of Bratislava, the remains of Devin Castle is built to capture those glorious Instagram moments as it is situated near the Danube River. Unfortunately, like my occasion, be sure to stay up to date with opening times as the castle grounds are often closed in the winter months.


Things to also see:

Bratislava Zoo – They have red pandas,?and nothing else needs to be said.

Presidential Garden – Presidential Garden is the perfect spot for you to just take a seat, relax, and read a book.

Snovenske Narodna Galeria – The Slovak national museum for your culture experience.\

St. Martin’s Cathedral – This Old Town baroque church will really impress for its architecture and design.


Let me know if you have visited of these places or have other recommendations to see by commenting below.