Joakim has released his new album, ‘Samurai’. To celebrate the record, the French electronic producer has premiered his music video for the title track.

‘Samuari’ is a landmark release in his catalogue (‘Tropics of Love’, ‘Nothing Gold’, ‘Fantomes’), the latest LP presents a personal and conceptual body of work about Joakim’s journey between New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

He unveils a stunning and conceptual piece of visual texture for the title track, ‘Samurai’. Directed by the Spanish choreographer Blanca Li (Daft Punk, Beyoncé), the music video is shot on the roof of the photographer Paul Colliton’s studio in Midtown Manhattan, NY.

The video was inspired by the final scene from Beau Travail by Claire Denis, where the main actor Denis Lavant starts a hysterical dance alone in a kitschy club in Djibouti to a 90s Eurodance track. In the ‘Samurai’, the dancer played by Daniel Baker uses his body to convey the quest for a new life through stunning contemporary choreography and shows us how to change and let go of someone or something. This is represented by the figure of the Samurai from Joakim’s new album.

You can stream the video below:

Joakim will be playing at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, on April 28, 2017. You can find out more about ‘Samurai’ or get tickets to his forthcoming show by visiting his website.

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