SOHN brought his ‘Rennen’ world tour to Brooklyn last night (03/25), which saw the Austria-based producer captivate the New York audience with his impressive light show and cleverly executed electronic pad ensemble.

Whilst NYLO, who also features in the live band for SOHN, closed down her set to a half-empty Warsaw audience, William Doyle, formerly known as East India Youth, took to the stage to present his new blend of electronic. The singer-songwriter sported a minimal, one-man, set-up and remained exposed, much like his heart through his intricate lyrics. With his laptop and pad, Doyle mixed a blend of ambient noise, swirling synthesizers, and melodic guitar licks amongst his heartfelt voice. Whilst East India Youth may be no more, William Doyle is certainly back with a bang.

After an extended break between Doyle and SOHN, the ‘Rennen’ mastermind stepped out onto the stage in front of a now-packed Warsaw concert hall. The album backdrop loomed behind the live band and with a flick of his hand, the strobe lights flashed and Christopher Michael Taylor broke into ‘Tempest’ with his live band controlling the direction of his renowned percussion patterns.

SOHN’s soprano vocals remains at the forefront of the show, but the charismatic light set-up complimenting his three band members certainly played its part in rounding a unique live experience. Whether it was the upbeat anthems from ‘Tremors’ like ‘The Wheel’ or ‘Artifice’, which certainly got the crowd a little raucous, to his more subdued, emotionally raw, tracks from ‘Rennen’ such as ‘Proof’ or ‘Signal’, Taylor remained the conductor to his own orchestra. The singer-songwriter controlled the evening, be it the crowd with his set list or his light show and band through simple hand gestures. Thanking everyone for the evening, SOHN walked off stage as the instrumentals ringed out on ‘Hard Liquor’.

SOHN did return for his encore, which saw him once again thank everyone and inform them that this time there will only be two more songs: ‘Rennen’ and ‘Conrad’. The title-track was a subtle reminder to everyone that this would be the penultimate track as the lyrics, “And I love you but I really have to go”, resonated through the music hall. ‘Conrad’ closed a fantastic evening and was the perfect example of Taylor’s progression as a musician; the production intricacy found on his debut album, ‘Tremors’, combined with the emotionally-dense lyrics captured on his sophomore release, ‘Rennen’.

SOHN continues his ‘Rennen’ tour over the course of the next few weeks, closing at The Observatory North Park, San Diego, CA, on April 19. You can get your tickets to any remaining dates by visiting his website.

SOHN raised the roof in Warsaw, Brooklyn, tonight. Review available via link in bio.

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