Sister-duo, Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela Banuelos deliver emotive, synth-pop, anthems under the artistic alias of REYNA.

Background: Victoriah (Vic) and Hannah Gabriela (Gab) Banuelos are not new to criticial exposure. Originally, the duo were a part of one of Milwaukee’s most popular acts, Vic and Gab. Whilst the band’s break up left many disheartened, the Banuelos sisters never gave up and returned under REYNA; a mature, synth-pop, remedy that sees them listed alongside the likes of Little Daylight, Paperwhite, and Scavenger Hunt.

Originally catching Vaunter’s attention with the release of ‘Magazines’, REYNA offer sleek synthesizers, catchy vocal harmonies, and a smooth blend of lyrical soul to keep you hooked. Vic and Gab may have the limelight (for now), but the vocal prowess of the Banuelos sisters in REYNA is what will capture your heart.

Music: The group, recently, released their new single, ‘Matinee’; a powerful take on overcoming emotional heartbreak from a failed, long-distance, relationship. Give it a spin below:

For fans of: Fickle Friends, ASTR, XYLO.

Official links: Follow their Facebook page.

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