This week, Father John Misty released a song called ‘Pure Comedy’ and featured a video that certainly lived up to its name. He has now gone a step further by announcing his next album, also titled ‘Pure Comedy’, as well as sharing a 25-minute short film.

Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman (former drummer for Fleet Foxes), ‘Pure Comedy’ music video sees the Maryland musician sing about the ills of society paired with a video that cuts between shots of Donald Trump’s inauguration and John Cena fighting back tears – the emotions of many within the US over the last few weeks. You can watch below:

However, following on from the announcement earlier in the week, Tillman has unveiled his next album, which will be available to the public from April 7th 2017 through Sub Pop.

In addition to the announcement of this upcoming record, Tillman and Sub Pop has released a 25-minute film, also titled Pure Comedy. It’s as abstractly indulgent, featuring black-and-white shots of Tillman in the studio, playing new pieces that will likely be found on the forthcoming release. Watch the ‘Pure Comedy (The Film)’ below:

‘Pure Comedy’ is, fittingly, quite opulent, as the double LP features four different cover variations, and there’s a deluxe double LP version that promises, “aluminum & copper vinyl, a die-cut customizable jacket with 4 interactive “background” sleeves (so you can have whatever sky you damn well feel like as the cover), all encased in a clear slipcase”. It’s available now from both Sub Pop and Father John Misty’s store.

You will be able to see Father John Misty when he performs at Coachella later in the year.

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