Flappy Bird was an overnight phenomenon that saw creator, Dong Nguyen, quickly put a stop to it by removing it from the App Store. Four years on, the Vietnamese game designer has returned with his latest offering, Ninja Spinki Challenges!!.

Flappy Bird was a game of childhood nostalgia. You were tasked with simply pressing  a button to multiple times to keep the bird aloft whilst inadvertedly trying to dodge the Mario-esque pipes that varied in size. All of which was capped off with the crisp 8-bit graphics.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!!, on the other hand, is a little more complex, but still as equally frustrating as its predecessor. The game stars a bug-eyed, Micky Mouse-eared, ninja tasked with avoid things like bounding fruit and giant cat heads (an hone to Fruit Ninja and Neko Atsume). There are six different mini-games with different mechanics and opponents, but the constant tapping and swiping should prove uncomfortably familiar to those Flappy Bird fans.

Like Flappy Birds, the gamer is tricked into falsehoods of it being simple before slowly unravelling into the somewhat impossible. Dong Nguyen’s latest offering comes with two modes: let the user pick between levels or endless game play. The former offers some sense of accomplishment before meeting your untimely demise. There are five levels in each game, which unlock once you’ve managed to avoid all obstacles by the time the clock counts down.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is free to play, though it’s supported by 30-second ads. That may be frustrating, but that’s the nature of the game. You can download for your device’s app store by visiting their website.

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